The Tom Munyama foundation was started in the year 2000 in memory of the late Tom Munyama. The foundation was started by his brother Jack Arum to honor and recognize the instrumental role that he played in assisting many Kenyan athletes. Munyama was an elite international coach and referee based in Kenya. With uncanny devotion, Munyama assisted in securing scholarships for talented basketball players to the united states, and opening doors to opportunities which would otherwise not have existed to them.

For the last decade the Tom Munyama foundation has been sponsoring high school and club annual basketball tournaments in Kenya  most of all donated basketball gear to various schools in Kenya. At the 2011 Tom Munyama basketball tournament in Washington D.C, the foundation was privileged to host, Buruburu girls high school, State house girls high school and St. Christopher high school from Kenya.


The foundation is committed to improve the quality of basketball in Kenya and hopefully Africa by hosting more basketball camps, with the goal of giving the youth an opportunity to better themselves abroad.


Many Kenyans will forever be indebted to Tom for this opportunity to enrich their lives, included in all this are the people not affiliated to the basketball fraternity whom Tom assisted back in Kenya. It would do him no justice to try and list his accomplishments in helping others, because such a list would be endless. The foundation is looking forward on carrying on Tom Munyama’s vision and work.